Garrett AT Pro VDI Platinum 950 Rings

Below are detailed pictures, weights and Garrett AT Pro VDI of various Platinum 950 rings, including women’s engagement rings, woman’s wedding bands and men’s wedding bands.  Included in each video is what each ring sounds like under an Garrett AT Pro metal detector as well as the Garrett AT Pro VDI Platinum 950 reading. Platinum comes in two popular types, Platinum 950 and Platinum 900.  As you can guess, these will sound and register slightly different on a metal detector.  Also, the size and weight of the platinum ring will also factor into the signal and tone the ring will give off on a metal detector.

Some lost ring hunts are pretty easy and straightforward – the person knows right where they lost the ring.  Other times, you have to search more for it.  These videos are intended to be a resource for those large search areas or extremely trashy search areas – where you just don’t have the time to “dig everything”.  I hope that other lost ring finders will benefit from this ring catalog before going out on a lost ring hunt.  I’ve included detailed pictures of each ring along with the weight, so that hopefully you can find an example close to the ring you are looking for.  I will continue to add more examples of each type of ring as I come across unique examples of each precious metal.


AT Pro VDI 950 Platinum Ring 7 gramMaterial: Platinum 950 and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Weight: 7 gram

AT Pro VDI: 50

Video Link



AT Pro VDI 950 Platinum Ring 8 gramMaterial: Platinum 950 Wedding Band

Weight: 8 grams

AT Pro VDI: 53

Video Link



AT Pro VDI 950 Platinum Ring 12 gram

Material: Platinum 950 Men’s Wedding Band

Weight: 12 grams

AT Pro VDI: 56

Video Link



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