Garrett AT Pro VDI Ring Catalog

Below are links to various types of rings – gold, silver, platinum, tungsten, titanium and other precious metals.  This project is a work in progress, so all precious metals might not be represented yet.  Included in each ring video are detailed profile pictures, weights and Garrett AT Pro VDI of each ring.  These are all examples of rings that I’ve personally found and returned to people over the years, as well as rings from family members.  I do not personally own any of these rings.

Ring Catalog

I personally find these videos helpful before I go out with my metal detector on a lost ring hunt.  Being able to listen to the metal detector tone as well as see what the actual VDI is for each ring helps me prepare for a lost ring hunt.  Rings that contain multiple precious metals (i.e. gold and platinum) sound very different than just a solid gold or sold platinum ring.  One thing you will find, is that each ring is slightly different, depending on size, weight and thickness – so you can’t focus too much on the specific numbers. For example, don’t go out and only dig 53 signals because you saw a similar one in the ring catalog.  It should help you be able to focus on a range – say high 40’s and low 50’s.  I personally still dig everything plus or minus 10 from the number I’m targeting.   Then after my first pass over the search area, I may expand the range to make sure I’m not missing anything. Sometimes people think their ring is made out of one precious metal (i.e. white gold) when it is in fact another (i.e. platinum).

I hope you find this as useful as I do when preparing to go out on a lost ring hunt.  Happy Hunting.

Ring Catalog 14k gold rings


14K Gold Rings





18K Gold Rings



Ring Catalog 950 platinum rings


950 Platinum Rings