The Ring Finders

Dan, Carter and Kylie Roekle

My name is Dan Roekle and I have been metal detecting since 2010, and I am a Ring Finder.  This started as a hobby in order to spend time with my son and daughter. I love the fact that they would rather spend time outdoors metal detecting than in front of the TV or on their electronic devices.  If you have lost your ring, give me a call at (608) – 492 – 1070 and I will do everything in my power to help.

We have found and returned men’s rings, women’s diamond rings, both white and yellow gold rings, tungsten carbide and silver rings.  To date, we have help return 47 wedding, engagement and class rings – wow!  Check out our successful Lost Ring Story Blog.

We have also searched for cell phones, keys, lot/yard stakes, and once a buried cache of gold and silver coins in the backyard.

The Ring Finders Website

I am a proud member of the website. The Ring Finders is a directory of fellow “Ring Finders” located across the United States. I have the Madison and Wisconsin Dells territories on The Ring Finders national directory.  Searches can be arranged throughout the state of WI, IL, MN and IA.

The Ring Finders In the News

Our successful lost ring finds have been featured in multiple newspapers, including the Wisconsin State Journal, The Juneau County Star TimesMiddleton Times Tribune, Sun Prairie Star, Watertown Times, The Herald Independent, The Milton Courier and Burnett County Sentinel.  I have also been a guest blogger on the Madison Mom’s Blog website.

The Ring Finders

Dan, Carter and Kylie Roekle

Where Can You Search?

I live in Middleton, but regularly search throughout the state of Wisconsin, including Madison and surrounding communities, Wisconsin Dells and Baraboo, La Crosse and Milwaukee.  Arrangements can be made for searches throughout the entire state of Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa or other surrounding states.  If you lost your ring outside of these areas, I might still be able to help, as I have connections with other Ring Finders across the United States.

We have specialized equipment that can search on land as well be submerged under 10 feet of water.  We have found lost rings at Devil’s Lake State Park, Castle Rock Lake, Green Lake, Redstone Lake and Webb Lake to name a few.   Special permits need to be obtained for any ring lost in a State Park.  It can take up to a day to obtain permissions, so please don’t delay in calling me.

We ask for a small “call out” fee which will depend on where you lost (land or water), your location (how far to drive) and the difficulty of the search (time to perform the search).  This helps cover our fuel/expenses/time in the event your lost item is not found. If the item is found, we then ask for a discretionary reward based on the value of the item and what you feel our service is worth.  Some past clients have used the amount of their insurance deductible as the reward amount if the ring happened to be insured.

Fees and Reward Money

What do we do with the reward money?  First, we will donate 25% to Westside Christian School (  We will then use the remainder of the reward money to reinvest in new equipment and pay the bills that keeps our business running and enables us to continue to help more people find their lost rings or other lost items. We continue to add more and more specialized equipment to our business, which in turn allows us to help more and more people.

WMTV NBC15 Making Difference Award

Making a Difference Award – Feb 2016

Making a Difference Award

We were recently awarded the NBC15 Making a Difference Award.  What an honor it was to be named the Feb 2016 Making a Difference Award recipients.  Along with the award, was featured on the NBC15 evening news.  John Stofflet did a feature piece on one of our Lost Ring Stories (Lost Class Ring Found – Don’t Ever Listen to Dad!) as well as conducted an interview with Laura, a woman we helped find her lost ring in Castle Rock Lake (Lost Ring Castle Rock Lake – Newlyweds, Newly Lost Ring).  The whole experience was very humbling.

Successful Lost Ring Stories

Over the years, The Ring Finders from Madison, WI have been very successful in helping people find their lost wedding rings.  Check out our Lost and Found Ring Story Archive as well as Local Newspaper Articles featuring the Roekle Ring Finders.

Give Us a Call

If you lost your ring outside in the yard, in the water, in the snow or in a volleyball court … give us a call at (608) 492-1070.  Doesn’t matter if it was yesterday, the week before or 10 years ago – we can find it.

Search Resources

Resources for a search, both before a search and after a search can be found here.