Lost Ring in a Fish Mouth – Huge Reward

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I love reading about lost ring stories from around the country.  Most are stories about lost rings that were miraculously found under impossible conditions. Occasionally, you’ll read a lost ring story about a ring that is still lost.  Check out this story that I read about this morning. It’s a story about a woman who lost a 1-carat, princess-cut diamond while on a fishing trip.  She catches a fish, and like any good fisherman – poses for a picture with the prized catch.  However, this fish decided to fight back and bit her in the finger … pulling her wedding ring off with it.  Really?  The fish just reached out and grabbed the ring off her finger?  To make matters worse, she was so shocked by the bite that she dropped the fish … yep, right back in the water.  Talk about bad luck, eh?  She catches the fish of a lifetime, it swallows her ring and she drops it back in the water.  The woman figures that someone will catch that monster again and while cleaning it for supper will find a 1 carat engagement ring.  Can you imagine?

I am reminded that rings can be lost just about anywhere and doing just about anything.  The woman did one thing right in trying to get the word out, because that fish will be caught again some day … and hopefully the person who catches it will have heard her story.  So, next time you are out fishing – maybe you could catch more than just a fish, you might catch a $2,000 reward!

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Article from the Silver City Daily Press Website:

Link: Hungry Fish Generates $2,000 Reward