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People love going to the beach during the summer time.  Did you know this is one of the most popular places to lose a ring?  Don’t be the next lost ring at the beach story.  Instead, make sure you secure your rings in a purse or some other zippered pouch.  Do not place your rings on a towel, because you may forget after you wake from your nap and shake out the towel … and poof your rings will be gone and you will have a lost ring at the beach!

Check out this article about a couple who lost reported a lost ring at the beach … except there wasn’t any water.  Goes to show you can lose your engagement ring just about anywhere.  We use metal detectors to help people find their lost rings, but not sure a metal detector would have helped in this situation. Sometime just good old fashioned searching with your hands and eyes is the best tool.  These people are very fortunate that somewhere found their ring and returned it.  You never know if people will be honest and return a lost wedding or engagement ring, or apply “finders keepers” rules.  If you ever happen to find a ring, please do the right thing and try to return it.  Post an ad on Craigslist or contact the place of business and ask if there were any reports of a lost ring.

Article from the Washington Post:

Link: Lost something in the National Building Museum’s beach? It’s not the only phone in the sea.

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