Lost Ring in Lake Found by Snorkeler … from 1928!

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Check out this story from The Resister Guard.  A snorkeler just eye balled this ring … crazy, eh?  We have waterproof metal detectors that can locate lost rings.  I’d love to be able to go out on a lost ring hunt and just eye ball a ring!  We can spend hours with our metal detectors looking for a lost ring.   Don’t try to rent a metal detector if you’ve lost your ring – chances are it’s not waterproof and then you might end up buying it from the tool rental place!

I love stories where people find a ring and then make every effort to reunite it with the original owner.  Crazy that the ring was from 1928 … goes to show, it’s never too many years to find that ring that you lost years ago.  If you have an idea of where you lost it, chance are it’s still there.  Someone with a metal detector might be able to find it and who knows …  you might be in the paper next!  What would you do if you found a piece of jewelry on the ground?  Would you go through the trouble of trying to find the rightful owner?  I would hope so, because a lost ring can have a lot of meaning behind it.  It could have been handed down from a parent or grandparent.  Or it could be from a spouse who has since passed away.  Do the right thing and either turn the ring into the police department or try to locate the person yourself, just don’t pawn the ring for quick cash.

Article from The Resister Guard:

Link: Snorkeler Finds 1928 Class Ring in Oregon Lake

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