Madison Craigslist Search for Lost Ring

Madison Craigslist

So you lost your ring, now what?  One of the first things I suggest people do is to perform a Madison Craigslist search for Lost Ring.  If you are reading this and not in the Madison Craigslist area, then go to the closest city on the website.  Navigate to the “Community” section and then “Lost and Found”.  I like to think that most people will do the right thing and try to find the rightful owner when they find a lost ring, however when the ring has no identifiable information – what is a person to do?  Some people are not trusting of law enforcement, so they will not turn it into the police department.  Rather, they will post “Found Ring” on

Lost Ring Post

In addition to performing a Madison Craigslist search, you can post your own “Lost Ring” ad on  I would be a little careful with how much information you post.  Describe the ring, but be careful about putting too much detail about the exact location the ring was lost.  You want to be able to connect with someone who might have picked up your ring.  However, you don’t want to give someone a treasure map to go and find your ring before you have the chance to hire a professional lost ring finder to search for it.  If you post too much information, you’ll never know if the lost ring finder was not able to find your lost ring with his/her metal detector … or whether someone else picked it up first.  Madison Craigslist is one of the most active Craigslist cities in the nation. It is a fabulous resource, but be careful.

Does Madison Craigslist Really Work?

Wondering if posting or searching for a listing on Madison Craigslist really works?  You bet it does!  Below are three stories of lost ring found by Lost and Found Ring, where I was connected with the owner via Madison Craigslist and was able to find their lost ring with my metal detector.

Madison Craigslist Lost Ring

Designer Ring Lost in Garden







Madison Craigslist

Lost Ring at Iron Man Race







Madison Craigslist

What a Blessing – Found Ring