Lost Ring in the Trash … You Won’t Believe the Ending

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Here’s another lost ring story.  Every time I read one of these, I’m amazed at the ways people lose their rings as well as how they find them!  This story does not involve a metal detector, but rather a lot of determination, talking to the right people and some would argue a little luck.  This reminds me of a search we once did at a farm.  We searched through piles and piles of … well you know, looking for a ring that had fallen off in one of the barns.  I couldn’t imagine searching through a landfill for a lost ring in the trash.

One thing this article goes to show is that your gut is usually right.  I’ve been on a lot of searches where the person isn’t 100% sure where they lost their ring … but they have a feeling.  My experience has been that the “feeling” is usually correct.  Like in the rest of life, your gut is rarely wrong. In this story, the woman had a feeling she lost her ring in the trash.  She didn’t know 100%, but everything pointed to the fact that it was.  You’ll have to read the story to see if she finds her lost ring and how.

Remember, time is critical when you are searching for your lost ring – don’t waste any time renting a metal detector, instead give a professional metal detector or ring finder a call.  Hopefully you will find someone who will be willing to dig through the trash!

Article from the Journal Star:

Link: Lost Ring in Trash Discovered a Day Later

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