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I wanted to make sure I got one last post out here before 2015 comes to a close. Check out this lost ring story.  Can you imagine having your lost wedding ring returned to you 60 years later?  You probably would have considered the ring lost forever after just a couple of weeks.  Then one day, the lost ring is back on your finger.  To date, I have returned one ring that was lost for 5 years, one ring that were lost for 7 years and one ring that was lost for 9 years!  I would love to be part of finding a ring that was lost for multiple decades.  The thing to always remember, if you have an idea where it was lost – the ring is likely still there.  In the story below, the person lost their ring at a High School Track field.  They knew they lost it there, but just couldn’t find it.  Too bad they didn’t call a Ring Finder, eh?

Lost Ring Christmas

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The article doesn’t really explain  “how” the ring was found, but I’m guessing it was with a metal detector.  I don’t think a ring that was lost 60 years ago could just be eye balled – it was likely 4 – 8 inches under ground.  Either way, I enjoyed the story, as I personally get so tired reading about politics, gun violence and Hollywood stars who did “x” (good or bad).  These Lost Ring stories help remind me that the world is full of good people who care about each other and when put in a situation will do the right thing.  If this ring was 60 years old, it was probably gold.  The person who found the lost ring could have very easily taken it to a pawn shop and gotten a couple hundred dollars for the ring.  I don’t think any of us would have really thought less of the person if they did.  Something lost 60 years ago probably falls under the “finders keepers” rules.  However, this person never gave up hope that they would find the person some day and would be able to reunite them with their long lost ring.  How cool is that?

One last thing, the article mentions that this was truly a “Christmas Miracle”.   This is catchy – which is why I also added this to my blog title.  However, please remember this Christmas season, there is only one true Christmas Miracle, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Remember this not only when gathering with family and friends this holiday season, but also each and every day in 2016.

Article from the Sun Herald:

Link: Ring Returned to Biloxi High Graduate Almost 60 Years After it was Lost

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