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Here’s another lost ring story from the news.  Lost ring you wont believe where … Every time I read a story of someone losing a ring, I wonder if I’ll be surprised how they lost the ring or where they lost the ring.  I’ve be on over 80 ring hunts, and have seen and heard a lot of weird stories.  I’ve also read a ton of stories from other Ring Finders across the country.  However, this story is a new one.  I’ve heard of a lost ring being eaten by a dog and a lost ring eaten by a cow … but this one is a first for me.

One thing this article goes to show you is never rule anything out when you lose your ring.  Retrace your steps and make sure you check everywhere … and everyone that was around your lost ring!   Interesting comment in the article about insuring a wedding ring … what would  you do?  Would you attempt to get the ring right away or let it pass naturally? If you have no luck locating your lost ring, remember don’t waste any time renting a metal detector, instead give a professional metal detector or Ring Finder a call.

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Article from the Fox 29 Website – Lost Ring You Wont Believe Where:

Link: Missing Wedding Ring was Swallowed by Child

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