Rent Metal Detector Verona, WI – Lost Ring in Garden

rent metal detector veronaIf you have followed my lost ring stories, you know I love hunting for lost rings with my metal detector.  However, what I love even more is helping out friends and family with finding a lost ring.   One of my favorite hunts of all time was conducting a metal detector search for a lost earring for my mother. I got equally as excited when I got word that Kyle, a coworker, had lost his ring.  Kyle skipped the traditional search on Google, “rent metal detector Verona, WI”.  He also didn’t post something to Facebook with “Anyone know where to rent metal detector Verona”?  You see, Kyle has followed my lost ring stories, so he knew exactly what to do.

rent metal detector veronaLost Ring on a Rainy Day

Kyle lost his ring while gardening in his backyard in Verona, WI. Lucky for him, I seem to be at Reddan Soccer Park every weekend at a soccer game for one of my two kids.  So, before a game I stopped out and took an initial look with my metal detector, but did not find anything.  I left my pinpointer with Kyle to continue to search around the beds he was working in.  The next weekend, I returned determined to find his lost ring.  I will let Kyle tell the rest of the story below:

Rent Metal Detector Verona

I have been married for 11 years and lose my wedding ring roughly once a year. Historically, I have been playing a sport and remember exactly when and where I lose the ring. Each time, my wife and I talked about resizing the ring but since we have always found it right away we have never taken the step of finding a jeweler and paying for the resizing service.

This spring, I was working in my garden on a beautiful day. My kids and I had many projects all around the yard that required good gloves and lots of tools. After a few hours of work, I took my gloves off to greet a neighbor and realized that my ring was gone. This time I didn’t know when or where I lost my ring but I was determined to find it. After looking for an hour with the kids I decided to call Dan to see if he had any advice. Dan said that he would come over the next day!

rent metal detector verona

Lost Ring #52

Lost Ring Hunt

Dan and I worked with our sons to quickly scan the yard but had to call the hunt off that day. My son and I borrowed the scanner from Dan and, over the next 5 days, spent an hour a day going through all of the possible areas of the property where I could have lost the ring to no avail. Frustrated, I told Dan that maybe this was where my luck ran out. Dan encouraged me to not give  up and pledged to be back out to resume the hunt the next weekend. Despite the freezing rain, Dan returned and proceeded to fully scan the entire front yard with his metal detector. He then moved to an area I was planting raspberry plants the day I lost my ring.

I had searched this area on my own with his small metal detector.  However, I did not have any success finding my lost ring. After locating a few nails, Dan expanded the search by just a few feet and found my lost ring in 5 minutes!  Even though the lawn hadn’t been mowed and there was little traffic in the area, the ring had still worked its way into the ground and out of plain sight. Without Dan’s patience and expertise, I would have given up and lost a piece of our family’s history forever.