Xtreme Metal Detecting Vacation

I recently took a family vacation to Gulf Shores, AL. If you know me, I always bring my metal detector with me on vacation and this vacation was no different. In any event, it ended up being quite the Xtreme Metal Detecting Vacation.

xtreme metal detecting

Xtreme Metal Detecting

We have had mixed results metal detecting on vacation. Some have been really, really good and others, in essence, have been awful. Results depend upon where you stay and whether another metal detectorist hits the area routinely. We got lucky this year and hit a spot that was largely not detected. It was Xtreme Metal Detecting. We stayed right on the ocean, so we were able to wake up early and walk out to the beach. Almost all of our detecting was done in the ocean, between knee high and chest high water.

xtreme metal detecting

Over 500 Targets Dug

Generally speaking, you have to dig trash to find treasure. We dug over 500 targets, with almost all of them being in the ocean. Digging in the ocean is tough work. First, it’s hard to see where to dig. Second, it typically takes 2-3 scoops to retrieve the target coupled with punishing waves tossing you left and right. Another first was testing out the Xtreme Scoop. A friend of mine runs this Made in the USA business. After spending over 16 hours in the ocean with it, it performed in a word – exceptionally. It is truly an Xtreme Metal Detecting Scoop, and you should check it out.

xtreme metal detecting

Rings, Coins, and Sinkers – Oh My

Aside from the rings and pile of coins we found, I’d say my favorite thing to dig were the lead fishing sinkers. In the long run, we dug over 20 of them. Sinkers just look cool and man does the signal scream! We found a pile of rings, 18 in total! Interestingly, one of them was a High School Class ring. Stay tuned for an upcoming story to hear whether we were able to locate the person and return it.

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