Lost Ring at Soccer Field – Found in Verona

lost ring at soccer fieldI got a call the other day for a lost ring from Greg who had a lost ring at soccer field in Verona.  Having two kids in competitive soccer, I was very familiar with the area, as it is a large soccer complex in the Madison area.  Greg had lost his ring and was hoping a metal detector would help locate it.  Greg does an excellent job telling the story about his lost ring at soccer field below, and is a great reminder that sometimes God answers our prayer requests and sometimes he has other plans.

Lost Ring at Soccer Field

Before I headed out onto the soccer field on Wednesday night, I took off my wedding ring and put it in the side pocket of my gym bag.  I then played my soccer game, said see you later to my teammates and headed home.  More than halfway home I realize that I did not have my wedding ring on, and then remembered that I had put it in the side pocket of my gym bag.  Upon reaching home I searched my gym bag but did not find my wedding band. I searched it three more times and was now starting to get frantic.  With my gym bag completely emptied and all the contents of it gone through more than three times, I resigned myself to heading back to the soccer field thinking, “Great, I lost it in the grass somehow, how am I ever going to find it?”

Lost Ring Search in Dark

I spent more than an hour in the pitch darkness except for the headlights of my truck searching on my hands and knees. After the first 20 minutes, I started praying to God to let me find my wedding ring. Not just let me find it, let me find it tonight, right now! 40 minutes later I still have not found it, it was starting to wonder if God even heard my prayer. Why would he not let me find it? Does it not say in the Bible, tell this mountain to move and it will? Tell this fruit tree to bear fruit in it will? I reluctantly gave up for the night and headed home.  Prior to going to work the next morning I spent another hour raking through the area where I had sat in my gym bag was. Again I prayed to God to help me find my wedding ring, now, right where I was raking, this morning. I was being a specific as I could be with my prayer. Still, it was not God’s plan is to let me find it yet.  Why not? What other plans does he have for me that he had not yet allowed me to find my wedding ring?

lost ring at soccer field

Lost Ring #46

Search with a Metal Detector?

On my way to work I did a search on the Internet looking for information on finding lost gold wedding rings.  Dan’s website, LostandFoundRing.com, came up first in the search results so I gave him a call and set up a time to meet him after work to search the area with his metal detector for my lost ring at soccer field.  I met Dan at the soccer field after work and in less than 20 minutes he called me over to see some of the debris he had found so far. He had found a nickel, a pop top, and a chunk of metal about the size of a dime. He described how he found these items, how they register on his metal detector based on the type of metal and how thick they were. Then he smiled and pointed with the metal detector at our feet and said, “Hey look there!” He had already found my lost ring in a pile of grass that I had raked up that morning, yet I had walked right by it and had not seen it.  I felt relief and happiness spread inside me. Then I smiled and I said thank you thank you thank you! May I give you a hug?

That he said, is why I do this. I don’t do this for the money, I do this to help people. To see the look of joy and the smile come to their faces when we find their treasured items.  Dan typically doesn’t do this alone, he told me he brings his kids along whenever he can to instill the same values in them. We do things to help others, not just for our benefit.  Through our short discussion before we parted ways I found out Dan was a Christian, and 25% of the money people pay him to find their treasured metal items goes to help his son and daughter’s school. Now I know why God did not allow me to find my wedding ring by myself, he wanted Dan’s path to cross with mine. To see the love and care of another Christian person.

What a blessing it was for me to meet Dan, and not just to help find my wedding ring.


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