Lost and Found Ring Website Launch – Yeah!

LogoSo I finally did it.  Some of you know I’ve been talking about it for some time.  Heck, I’m in IT and I should have my own website, right?  I registered a domain, had a logo designed and spent the last couple of weeks putting together the website content.  I think it’s good enough to be officially called a website.

My hope is that people will find this website when searching www.Google.com for tips on how to find their lost wedding ring or other valuable items.  As some of you know, over the past 3 years we have helped reunite 15 couples with their lost wedding rings.  My hope is that through this website and blog, we can help another 15 couples!

I will also be posting other interesting lost ring stories from other www.TheRingFinders.com members as well as unique stories from across the United States.  You’d be surprised how common it is to lose your wedding ring.

So, please follow me and spread the word to your friends and family.  Remember, Every Ring Has a Story … Dan