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lost ring webb lake

I am from the Madison area, but commonly travel outside of the Madison area to go on Lost Ring hunts with my metal detector.  We live close to the Wisconsin Dells where many people vacation and where there are a lot of lakes.  All of our metal detecting equipment is water proof, so it’s not uncommon to get a call about a ring lost in the water.  However, this call was different – this ring was lost in Webb Lake, WI … which was over 5 hours away.  I’m not one to turn away a good lost ring hunt, but 10 hours of driving is a little out of the way.

Webb Lake Lost Ring

I first suggested that Marty find someone else closer to him, but Marty said that after reading our blogs and going through our “About Us” page … he was sure that we would be the best people to find his lost ring.  He offered to pay all of our expenses, including some new specialized equipment we needed in order to perform this hunt.  He also offered a very generous reward if found, so how could we say no?

lost ring webb lake

Lost Ring in Lake

Marty lost his ring at his cabin while playing with family and friends in the water.  These were two huge pieces of information.  First, the area was private and would have no chance of someone with a metal detector finding it first.  Second, he was doing activities in the water that often contribute to lost rings. This hunt is still one of my favorites and I will let Marty tell it in her own words below:

Unique Symbol of Love

“We have a cabin on Webb Lake in northwestern Wisconsin.  On August 3rd I was in shallow (about 4 foot deep) water, throwing toys around between my sons and a friend.  After returning to the cabin, I discovered that my wedding ring was not on my finger.  I was gripped with an awful feeling of loss.  Beside the fact that it was a symbol of love and marriage for 27 years, it was unique … and could never be duplicated.  That ring was designed by my wife, Peggy, and was hand crafted by an elderly Latvian artist friend (no longer alive), Mike Geistauts.  Mike, a sculptor artist, used the ancient “lost wax” investment casting method to create our gold wedding rings according to Peg’s design.

Professional Metal Detector

Family and friends hunted for many hours without success that weekend.  Then a co-worker suggested we hire a professional metal detector specialist. I searched Google and found Dan Roekle.  Dan and his son, Carter, loaded up their search equipment and made the very long drive from their home near Madison to Webb Lake (a 5+ hour drive).  They arrived on the morning of August 16th.  By lunchtime, they had searched the entire identified area and had pulled up a lot of odd metal objects including, incredibly, someone else’s wedding ring.  For a moment, my wife thought they had found my lost ring, but quickly determined it was not it.  Dan said he had never been so disappointed to find a ring before in his life.   They resumed the search after lunch and Carter, swimming with goggles spotted my ring and retrieved it.  Dan and Carter think that it was probably next to another piece of junk that they dug up earlier in the day … which stirred up the sand and uncovered it.

lost ring Junk

Junk Found in Lake

Peg and I were elated and so very grateful.  It was so amazing to get that precious ring back on my finger.  At this time, the ring is off my finger again for resizing.  Thank you so very much, Dan and Carter, for being willing to come so far and search until you succeeded.”

Marty and Peg

Never Give Up Hope

What a fun search this was finding not one by two gold rings!  If you are reading this and lost your ring today, last weekend or 10+ years ago, please give us a call at (608) 492-1070. Write down as many facts about how and where you lost your ring.  These are so important and can be the deciding factor in whether your lost ring is found or will remain lost forever.  Please “Like” our Facebook page and you will get every Lost Ring Story delivered to you.  Also, please share this story on your Facebook page, so together we can reach more people to help find their lost rings.  Remember, every ring has a story, what’s yours?

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