Lost Ring Inside My House – Look What the Cat Dragged In


Lost Ring

Lost Ring Inside My House

We have been performing Lost Ring searches for exactly three years.  In that time, we have searched many interesting places ranging from back yards, gardens, leaf piles, barn yards, nature trails, numerous lakes and rivers, and snow banks.  One thing all of these have in common is that they were outside.  We’ve never gotten a request for a lost ring inside my house before.  I’ve heard stories from other Ring Finders who have performed lost ring searches inside of houses successfully, but it is difficult because our metal detector picks up on all the nails and screws inside a house.  However, a Ring Finder sees things differently than most people.  So, hiring a Ring Finder to come into a house to perform a search isn’t as crazy as it may sound.

This is how it started – I got an email from a business associate who is familiar with my Ring Finding business.  She simply asked, “I was wondering what kind of luck you have looking for a lost ring inside my house, actually my mother-in-law’s house, with a metal detector… or if you even do that?”  I explained that I had never done an interior search, but I was totally game to give it a try.  Below is the story as told by Kate, the woman who lost the ring.

Christmas Eve Celebration

On Christmas Eve we celebrated at my mother-in-law’s home.  At the end of the night my husband placed my rings on the counter next to the kitchen sink.  We awoke Christmas morning to realizing my wedding band was missing.  My engagement ring was where we left it, but my wedding band was gone!  I now had a lost ring inside my house.

My mother-in-law has two cats that like to play at night, and we immediately thought the cats may have knocked it off the counter and batted it underneath an appliance.  Everyone spent an hour that morning looking for my ring, but everyone also had other holiday plans.  The search for the ring was cut short for the time being.


Lost Ring Found #31

Lost Ring Search

My husband and I returned Sunday afternoon to complete our search.  We pulled out all the appliances, and checked inside all cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen.  We pulled the sectional sofa apart and searched all the rugs and the perimeter of every room.  We searched the stairs while tearing apart the guest bedroom and bathroom. Still nothing.  We were at a loss where to look anymore but knew the ring was in the condo somewhere.  We did everything we could think of to find that ring.

Dan and his son, Carter, came the following Sunday to help us search for the missing ring.  The kitchen was searched again, as well as any a joining room on the first floor.  The stairs and hallways were searched carefully.  We checked the master bedroom, guest bedroom and bathroom.  Nothing.  We were at a loss to where this ring could have gone, but Dan was not ready to give up.  Finally, the master bedroom was checked for a second time.  Carter scanned the bed carefully when the metal detector went off and the ring was found in my mother-in-law’s bed, underneath the comforter but above the blankets.  The only explanation is one of the cats was feeling very playful.

We are so grateful to have had Dan and Carter help us locate my lost ring inside my house.  We could not have done it without them.  Thank you!

Never Give Up Hope

Total search time was around an hour.  This search is another example of the ring is not always where you think it might be.  I’ve heard a story of a dog eating a ring and the owner finding it years later, but a cat? The master bedroom was the “cats room”.  When we were searching, I noticed both cats were under the bed hiding.  Having two cats of my own, I know that they are capable of carrying random things around the house.  We decided to search the bed only as a last resort using our small hand held metal detector, called a pin pointer.  We think one of the two cats likely carried the ring from downstairs up to the bedroom, their bedroom!  I’m constantly amazed where and how we find lost rings.  For those of you keeping track, this was ring #31!

So, if you know someone who has lost their ring outside in the yard, in the water or in the snow … or now, in their house … give us a call!  Doesn’t matter if it was yesterday, the week before or 10 years ago – we can find it. Please “Like” our Facebook page and you will get every Lost Ring Story delivered to you.  Remember, every ring has a story, what’s yours?

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