Lost Ring on Side of Road – Found – NBC 15

I went on a recent lost ring hunt that was unlike any other hunt I have been on. This was a hunt for a lost ring on side of road, which occurred after a fatal car accident. Normally, looking for a lost ring on side of road is extremely difficult due to the amount of trash and debris that is often not picked up.  However, I was fortunate with this one because the grass was maintained by a homeowner. Check out the full story on why it was a good idea not to look for a metal detector rental.

Lost Ring on Side of Road

My local NBC affiliate, NBC 15 out of Madison did an awesome job covering this story. John Stofflet did an amazing job telling the story of Lee, the man who was killed in the accident. I received so many comments from family and friends on how beautiful this story was about the lost ring on side of road.

Here is a link to the story on NBC title “The Widow’s Ring”, again if you’ve found this story looking for a metal detector rental, please give me a call and see if I can help first.

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